EZ Grip Mat Mover

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Product Description

Essential barn and stable tool providing you a simple, no-touch way to pull, push and lift bulky, heavy rubber stall and trailer mats quickly and easily by yourself.
Ideal for wash bays, paddocks, grooming areas, barn aisles, dog kennels, veterinary clinics and anywhere else you need to move heavy mats.
The EZ Grip Mat Mover's self-adjustable grips fit any size mat up to 3/4 inch thick and auto-locks for a tight hold. Comfortable, recessed handle provides a secure grip.
Simple to use!
Just slide the edge of a dry mat into the EZ Grip slot and the spring-loaded cam/grip locks on instantly and holds tight. Then release the mat by pushing the lever forward. Great for moving plywood and carpet, too. High-impact construction is rated to move up to 300 lbs.
1 year warranty. Satisfaction guaranteed. Patent pending.
Don't let your barn mats get the best of you...try this simple, no-touch mat tool today!